Freelancer is the largest and oldest freelance site on the Internet. Through the Freelancer website, any skilled person can register on the site, and then open the door to hundreds of projects waiting to be implemented in all fields, by freelancer websites, you can find aloy of professional cards in your field, and that will help you to complete your project at the best level you can reach.

Freelancer website explanation and how to work

Freelancer: How to Present Professionally and Avoid Scams

In order to be able to present offers professionally and accept your offer, you must have some of the following advantages:

  • A complete, verified profile, and all confirmations are completed.
  • Strong business or (portfolio) – you can create business for free and add it to your account on the site.
  • He read the whole project and understood it well.

Provide an appropriate offer to the client and to you in terms of the project price, quality, and delivery dates.

How the freelancer website works

Just like buying and selling, a freelancer offers the service it has done to the customer.

Then the customer evaluates it, for example, by accepting the quality of the service by being satisfied with it.

In which case the agreed amount is paid to the independent person, or object to the performance of the service for several reasons and cancel it, this is in extreme cases.

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How to make your account professional

There are additional settings that you can do if you want your account to look professional.

And then you can actually get projects and make profits, and among these settings:

  • Open a welcome message to to validate the email.
  • Verify the validity of the account via the mobile phone number through a text message that you receive to confirm,
  • Click on the manage link next to the word account to raise the degree of credibility of the account.

Freelancer website explanation and how to work

Advantages of working with Freelancer

Work whenever you want, there is no set time to work, whether in the morning or evening.

You are your own boss, there is no one above you who dictates orders to you, but you define, choose and do the jobs.

The social dimension provides you with dealing with many customers who are not necessarily inside your town.

And thus it is beneficial for you, whether inside or outside the business, in addition to being more profitable.

You have the ability to determine the financial return you want.


Freelancer is one of the first websites for freelance work on the Internet, it specializes in large projects, and we also find medium and small projects on it. It is a platform on which the owner of the project and the independent meet.



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