Hardware and software are independent of each other In case you didn’t know, computer hardware problems fall into two types: hardware and software. As for the first type, it refers to a physical defect in the operating components of the device, such as the burning of the power supply, scratching one of the hard disks Platters, breaking random memory, damage to the processor, and other direct damages, Such problems are difficult for the user to fix on their own, but require technical intervention, and that is somewhat costly.

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ardware and software are independent of each other

Hardware and software are independent of each other
Hardware and software are independent of each other

While the second type refers to software problems such as a program crashing,

An error appears when launching the game, the crash of the Windows system,

 And so problems that are not related to any part of the computer components,

 So they are easy to fix as the user needs to follow some simple instructions.

Although they are two different aspects, sometimes you may encounter problems

 That you cannot determine the type because they have the same hardware and software symptoms

 For example, the blue screen of death may occur.

 as a result of a software glitch or a defect in one of the components connected to the device.
Hardware and software are a problems
Hardware and software are independent of each other
Hardware and software are independent of each other

If the computer is slow:

The problem of computer slowness occurs for countless reasons,

Perhaps the most prominent of which is the result of installing a lot of programs,

Which in turn consumes resources intensively?

 But they prolong the period of starting the computer,

And we do not rule out infection with a virus or malware from the factors affecting the performance decline.

Usually, people who face this situation think that the computer is slow because it is old, so they buy a new computer.

 But they are likely wrong.

If the computer becomes slow, the problem is with the software and can be fixed,

 Hardware problems should not slow down the computer

 Although there are some rare exceptions, such as when the processor temperature is higher than the maximum,

The processor speed is reduced to maintain business continuity and on the other hand to avoid Processor damage.

But this does not deny the fact that the most common causes of computer slowdowns are software-related.

If the blue screen appears:

A blue screen in recent versions of Windows indicates that there is a

 This can happen after installing a new program that is not compatible with your device’s capabilities,

Or when you tamper with Windows settings or when the device is infected with a virus

The problem here is the software. It may also appear due to different BIOS settings,

 Such as the blue screen when installing Windows XP

But there is a high chance that the blue screen will appear due to the hardware as well.

For example, when installing a driver for one of the internal components of the computer,

If this driver is outdated, incompatible with the operating system, or not programmed well by the manufacturer,

It will cause many problems, including encountering a blue screen.


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