How much blogger salary per post? Blogging can be a very lucrative career, especially for those who attract a large audience to read their content. Bloggers can make anywhere from $10 to over $10 million annually, depending entirely on how they run their blogs. This income range is too wide for any real insights, but I won’t leave you hanging. Let’s break it down and see how much blogger salary per post.

How Much Blogger Salary per Post?

Bloggers with 10,000 to 100,000 pageviews per month can earn between 2 and 10 cents per pageview from ads.

Which translates to $300 to $11,000 per month.

Sponsored posts average around $30 to $800 per post, depending on niche, audience size, and sponsorship arrangement.

How Much Blogger Salary per Post depends on the size of your audience and the level of audience interaction with your content.

Bloggers who sell products online can earn even more – up to $10,000 or more per month.

Different Types of Blogger Roles

When you think of bloggers, you only think of those who build and create their own blogs.

However, there are actually three different types of bloggers:

  • Bloggers who work full-time or part-time at the companies where they blog
  • Freelancers who offer blogging as a service
  • Freelance bloggers who create their own blogs

How Do Bloggers Get Paid?

How much blogger salary per post? Blogger salaries vary a lot and depend on how bloggers make their money.

Writers who blog on a full-time business blog earn between $40,000 and $80,000 per year.

Which equates to an average of $63,200 per year for writers and authors in the United States.

Experienced freelance bloggers earn between 10 cents to $1 per word.

Freelance bloggers are paid directly from clients or through the freelance network they use.

What Influences How Much Blogger Salary per Post?

As a professional blogger in the field of blogging, I have seen all kinds of bloggers making all income levels.

Those who make the most income blogging does so because they:

  • Have a solid business plan in place.
  • Define a profitable blogging niche.
  • Create unique content that your audience will relate to.
  • Proactively marketing and promoting their blogs.

How long does it take to monetize blogging?

The answer to how long it takes to monetize blogging is not a one-size-fits-all answer.

Many people start their blogs as hobbies or side businesses, and therefore don’t devote 40 hours a week to blogging.

There is nothing wrong with this approach, but it will take a little longer to make a profit

You simply won’t make a full-time living with part-time efforts, especially in the phase of launching your blog.


Just to wrap up this lesson on how much blogger salary per post… I think the focus on consuming content has turned us into a bunch of hyper-thinkers who take little action. This is my challenge to you: think less, do more.

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