Passion takes a person to knowledge of youtube revenue 2022, This will be shown in this article. But you must know that there are factors that control YouTube’s revenueAmong these factors is the environment of the viewer itself, because it controls the level of profits as well as calculating the price per view, So you can know the details of youtube revenue 2022 through this article. All you have to do is read carefully in order to reach an understanding of the required information.

Discover youtube revenue 2022

you can learn youtube revenue 2022 Globally, through the following:

Earn per thousand views on YouTube depending on the country of the viewer

      Spain $5.55

      Norway $14.16

      Finland 6.68 dollars

      Australia $11.01

      Canada $6.79

      Switzerland $10.58

      Sweden 7.43 dollars

      United Cities USD 10.32

      France $7.66

      Dutch $8.7

      Germany $7.66

      UK $8.42

YouTube revenue at the Arab national level

You can find out how to calculate the viewership in the Arab world to get to youtube revenue 2022 as follows:

Morocco, West, Sunset $0.17

      Egypt $1.53

      Algeria 0.12 dollars

      Saudi Arabia $3.61

      Iraq 0.15 dollars

      United Arab Emirates $5.81

      Palestine $0.75

      Kuwait 5.33 US dollars

      Qatar $7.54

How is profit calculated for a YouTube channel?

Is known youtube revenue 2022, By calculating the views as follows:

      For videos with Arabic content:

a minimum fee of 33 cents and 90 cents per thousand viewers is charged.

      For videos with English content:

the minimum number of views is $3 minimum and $10 maximum.

YouTube pays a monetization value that starts at about half a dollar and goes up to $6 per thousand viewers.

YouTube calculates earnings based on the number of people who view ads.

Earn money on youtube

you can learn youtube revenue 2022, By knowing how to profit from YouTube, as shown below:

This state depends on the viewer pressing the ad or watching the ad for 30 seconds.

The two cases are similar in that watching him for 30 seconds is seen as a click on the ad.

YouTube pays starting from half a dollar and can reach 10 dollars and above.

How is a paragraph calculated?

For Arabic content, the price to click or watch an ad for 30 seconds is very low, between 1 and 6 cents.

The price depends on the advertisement.

The Arabic content must receive millions of views in order to be suitable for monetizing the channel.

We are done with our article youtube revenue 2022, Through which we presented the most important points of profit from YouTube, How is the viewing value calculated and on what basis is the evaluation? Finally, we can say that the location of the viewer and the type of content are among the most important factors in increasing profits.

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