How to make money using Blog: You can make money through a blog if you own it and a professional problem so that everyone goes to it to realize the profits and earn money via the Internet, and this is for the ease of profit and making money.

You can also win from it in many ways at one time and achieve a financial return. Great, so we will talk about how to make money using Blog.

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How to make money using Blog

How to make money using blog

There are many ways to earn money using the Blog, but it is profitable, including failed roads.

That is why we will show you the best three ways that were 100 percent successful.

Many bloggers use it to achieve profits and make money from blogging.

This is the primary penalty for how to make money using Blog.

So we will talk about each method of preference in the following titles.

And the mentioned roles you will find at the bottom of the article.


The best three ways to earn money from blogging

Method No. 1 to profit from blogging is commission marketing.

Most bloggers use the commission marketing method to profit from blogging to earn money from the Blog.

The second method is to display Google Adsense ads on your Blog.

And obtain a commission for every 1000 appearances and each click on the advertisement.

The third method is not used by many bloggers, creating and selling educational videos and books.

So that a person has experience in a specific field and can create and sell educational videos and books.


The legal way for the majesty of the Blog

How to make money using blog

There is no better way than preparing the article to appear in Google search engines.

So that you only get legal visits and freely through the search engine.

This is an essential penalty for answering how to Make Money Using Blog.

It is worth talking about it with the required failure for all people to understand.

To prepare the article for Google search engines, SEO standards must be available.

Which we will mention in the following address.

Because it is essential in the case about how to Make Money Using Blog.


SEO standards required in the article

About how to make money using Blog and SEO standards required in the article, see the following:

The article’s availability of internal and external connections is the first criteria.

The second criterion is to mention the targeted words in the first paragraph.

The third criterion is a significant repetition of keywords.

The fourth criterion is writing that does not invalidate 160 words.

The fifth standard is the use of promotions.

The sixth criterion is that the words of the article be more than 700 words.

The seventh and final standard is to put pictures with the address and description.

In conclusion, we should know that this is all that comes to how to make money using Blog in detail and mentions the best ways to earn money from the Blog.



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