So, what exactly are Forex Scams? Trading Forex, or the foreign exchange currency market, is such a dangerous and unpredictable sort of investing that it has been referred to as a hoax at times.

The least negative thing investors say about Forex Scam is that it resembles gambling more than “real” investing. Each of the following characteristics characterizes the Forex market:

Always have a door open (at least five full 24-hour days per week)


Regulated in a haphazard manner (at best)

Highly volatile and fluid

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What Areas Do Forex Scammers Operate In

Forex Scam

The 47 people arrested by the undercover FBI agents worked at all levels of the forex market, including at the following locations:


Other financial establishments

Brokerages that act as intermediaries

Brokerages that aren’t legitimate (“boiler rooms”)

Many of the Forex scammers apprehended in the massive FBI operation worked as workers inside banks and financial organizations.

They took advantage of their safe internal position to conduct illegal Forex scams on the side.


How Forex Brokers Try to trick You

Forex Scam

Let’s talk about the what and how, now that you have a better understanding of the who and where of forex scams.

What are the many types of forex con artists? What methods do forex brokers use to defraud you?

Forex scams are divided into two categories: “classic” and “evolving” scams.

In this case, a useful analogue can be found in data security.

Criminals used to have only one option if they wanted to steal sensitive information: break into the building


Stop looking for Forex Scams

The stop-loss order is a similar investment risk mitigation instrument used in stop hunting. 

Stop-loss orders aren’t only utilized in FX trading.

A stop-loss order in forex trading instructs the broker to sell a currency pair in order to avoid further losses.

Stop hunting is a tactic used by unethical forex brokers to affect the price of a currency pair in order to activate stop-loss orders.

When a big number of stop-loss orders are triggered at the same time, a currency pair’s volatility becomes unnaturally high.


Scam of the Forex Signal-Seller

Another absolute classic is the signal-seller Forex scam, which occurs outside of Forex circles as well.

This fraud is based on the idea that there are “Forex experts,” either human or automated.

These forex experts know things about currency pairs, Forex patterns, and market movements (the “signal”) that no one else does.

What makes this so effective? The Forex vendor was always a human in the past.

However, when computers and subsequently online Forex trading became more common, the seller had to adapt as well.


So what are Forex scams? We’ll do everything we can to help you recognize and avoid Forex scams. But it’s important to remember that for every new Forex trading protection put in place, a cunning criminal somewhere out there with nothing but time is already planning how to get around it.





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