How much money does 100k views make? It’s a nice thing to make money by uploading videos to YouTube and making money from them at the beginning.

You will wonder how much money you will make on YouTube, and here you can make a lot of money and can make a fortune from YouTube, and that is why the topic of our article today is how much money does 100k views make.

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How much money does 100k views make

How much money does 100k views make

In the beginning, everyone asks how much money does 100k views make.

Here we will tell you that it differs from one country to another, that is, according to the nationality of the viewers.

In other words, every country has a price for 1,000 views.

We will ask you each country, its price per click, and how much it earns you 100,000 views.

Thus, we have answered how much money he earns 100 thousand views.

You will never ask again how much money he earns 100,000 views.


How to get 100k views on YouTube

How much money does 100k views make

After answering the question, how much money does 100k views make?

There is a question, How to get 100k views on YouTube, which YouTube users often ask.

So that there are many ways to reach 100k views, we will mention two ways to you that everyone uses.

The returns from these two methods are as desirable or more.

The two methods are paid, unlike the SEO method, which is free.

We will mention the two methods preferably in the following titles and how to achieve a great return.


Method number 1 is video marketing across websites

About how much money does 100k views make?

And In the way of marketing the video through the sites, you need some capital to pay the owners of the sites.

So that there are sites that have content similar to yours and can display videos and videos on the article.

But it does not have the videos to display, and here you will present your videos.


Method number 2 which is paid ads on Facebook ads and Instagram ads

You will pay the site owner and ask him to put the link to your video in the article.

But it is provided that the article’s content is the same as the content of your video.

In the way of paid ads on Facebook and Instagram ads, you need a money head.

So that you will only go to one of the platforms, Facebook ads or Instagram ads.

And you make ads by choosing the information of your target audience correctly.

You choose the age, gender, country, etc., to get views of the video.


That’s all to answer how much money 100k views make.

In conclusion, how much money does 100k views make? As he mentioned, These are like the prices of medium and high clicks, even the lowest prices of 1000 views. To make good profits, you must choose a country with excellent reviews.


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