Write a blog and earn money. The idea of creating a blog and profit from it is straightforward at present because they are possible for anyone to create a site or a blog through the platforms that provide you with the best services and the short template that you use, and other things as well and for this, we will talk in our article about write a blog and earn money.

Write a blog and earn money

Write a blog and earn money, including the podium you chose as a professional.

This is to provide appropriate tools and standards that help you increase your profits and achieve better results than the above.

Here, we will find two adorable platforms, the Blogger platform, and the WordPress platform.

All they have features and disadvantages of distinction.

We will talk about Blogger and WordPress to prefer and how to earn money from writing.

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Blog Professionalism wrote on Blogger

I wrote a professional blog on Blogger; this is very easy and does not need many definitions.

So that you register through the e-mail and use a quick and professional template.

Because the template is an essential thing that must be taken care of a lot and know the right choice.

There are also free and paid templates, while the paid templates are distinguished from the free ones.

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Among its features

About write a blog and earn money, It’s simple and easy to use to create a blog for bloggers.

Blogger provides the opportunity to create more than one blog for free.

Blogger platform provides a high level of security and protection from hacking and fraud.

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Professional blog writing on the WordPress platform

WordPress is the best platform to create a profitable blog.

WordPress also provides many things that Blogger does not offer, among these things.

Provides additional user functionality and design options.

And unlimited templates so that the blog is professional and attractive.

Millions of bloggers depend on WordPress.

The trust of many in him managed to win more and more people to him.

Take advantage of the advantages of WordPress to help you in the field of blogging, and then get the best profit you seek.

Write a blog and earn money: How to profit from writing a blog

Making money from a blog is to display ads on your blog and get a commission for every 1000 impressions.

There is no better site than Google Adsense to earn from ads,

Adsense is a Google site that allows its users to share advertising revenue.

And earn money by displaying ads on their blogs.

So that you get a commission of 1000 impressions and commission for every click on the ad.

In the end, about write a blog and earn money, you will not find professional and free platforms such as WordPress and Blogger, and they are currently the ones that people use excessively, and most bloggers have created their blogs on Blogger and WordPress, and also one of the best ways to profit from the blog is to display Google Adsense ads.



Google Adsense



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