In order to know how do i get paid on youtube Correctly follow the steps of making  profitable channel, This would bring you money, Because any defect in one of the steps of making a YouTube channel affects the level of profit, So learn how to make a channel well until you reach knowledge how do i get paid on youtubeThus, you will be qualified to profit from the YouTube platform, so we made sure to collect this information in this article.

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how do i get paid on youtube

How do i get paid on youtube

To know how do i get paid on youtube:

The first criterion is the country in which the videos originated.

Of course, the most watched video in the US is very different from the one people watch from Egypt.

The United States is ahead of Egypt in economy and technology.

Americans are more inclined to buy than Egyptians.

Condition is the type of video content

How do i get paid on youtube

This requirement is very important to know how do i get paid on youtube.

The more profitable the site, the higher the cost of advertising on it.

The third condition, the duration of watching the video:

There is a high probability that the video ad will be seen by the general public.

That’s why more than half of the video is worth it.

The last criterion is the quality of the video content.

The higher the quality of the videos on your channel, the higher your chances of making a profit.

YouTube Terms for Starting a YouTube Channel

By following these steps, you can start making money on YouTube and see how do i get paid on youtube:

  1. Choose an idea that makes you unique and share it on your YouTube channel.

2- Start submitting high quality videos to your channel.

3- Start promoting and get more views.

4- Apply all possible strategies and methods to increase the number of views.

How to make money on YouTube

You can see how much profit I can make on YouTube, here are the basic requirements for it.

1- Make the channel content good.

2- You should reach 1000 subscribs to start displaying ads on your channel.

3- Your channel should get 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months.

4- You need to create a Google AdSense account and link it to your channel.

All this you need in order to know how do i get paid on youtube.

We brought you an article about how do i get paid on youtubeAnd this is in order to know the correct steps to create a YouTube channel and profit from it, As well as to know the conditions for profit and getting money from the YouTube platform.




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